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End-of-life care

Hospice care: A missed opportunity

I was 19 and in college when my mother was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer — too young to know much about death and dying. Although mom wanted to live independently, and did for a while, eventually the disease became too much and she moved in with my grandparents...

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Forgetfulness or Dementia?

Is it forgetfulness or dementia?

It’s become common and culturally acceptable to say “I’m having senior moment,” when someone over the age of 50 has forgotten something.  The mind’s inability to recall information is a familiar sign of aging and often the source of a good-natured chuckle. However, you may be asking at what...

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Let us help you lower costs

Lowering Hospital Re-admissions

The new healthcare reforms taking place in the United States require hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to turn their focus toward lowering their readmission rates.  We believe the entire burden of this task shouldn’t lie on these facilities alone, and that’s why we’re here to help keep hospital and...

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