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Hospital Seeks Bond with Assisted Living Facility

Hospitals are recognizing the success of assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities in the reduction of patient readmission to the hospital.  In fact, many hospitals are seeking to formulate a tight bond with facilities like these since financial consequences are constantly looming.

Assisted Living and Hospice Care Professionals

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The new trend is that financiers are steadfast to pay for the least expensive but appropriate setting for patients; paying for a value-based health care system is the goal.  Since hospital forerunners are being incentivized by keeping patients out of beds, they are now seeking innovative ways to work with assisted living communities, skilled-nursing facilities and rehabilitative service providers.  Overcoming barriers between these facilities will aid them in formulating a powerful and effective partnership, uncovering real problems that exist and finding tangible solutions.

The common problems that occur in transitioning patients from hospitals to assisted living communities are already being investigated, addressed, and revolutionized.  Since hospitals are developing intensive networks of assisted living agencies, a deeper understanding of how the relationship works best has been uncovered.  Solutions for transitional periods, accurate paperwork, communication tactics, and patient coaching are currently being launched and monitored for success.

Assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities are not burdened by the financial disadvantages that the hospital endures for readmission and inpatient treatment.  They are committed to short and long term specialized care procedures as a close partner to the hospital.  This powerful partnership creates a winning situation for everyone involved, the hospital, the assisted living facility, and most importantly, the patient.

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