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Lowering Hospital Re-admissions

The new healthcare reforms taking place in the United States require hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to turn their focus toward lowering their readmission rates.  We believe the entire burden of this task shouldn’t lie on these facilities alone, and that’s why we’re here to help keep hospital and skilled nursing facility readmission rates low.

Our assisted living referral agency is qualified to work with the social services team of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to assist them with discharge planning.  Social workers simply refer their patients to us, and we take care of the rest.  We’ll find an appropriate and comfortable assisted living facility for those patients who need these services.

Our aim is to work with these social workers, because we all have the same end goal: to reduce hospital readmission rates.

Patients are far less likely to readmit to a hospital or skilled nursing facility if they transfer directly into assisted living care.  Risks of further injuries and complications that would cause readmission are lowered when patients are being cared for properly and watched over in an assisted living setting.

We want the patient to find the perfect assisted living situation, so you can be sure that patients are in good hands with our caring services.

When social workers refer patients to our agency, we all work together to lower hospital and skilled nursing facility readmission rates, all as part of a team for the good of the patient, the hospital, and the community.

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